I have always loved to draw and paint. My earliest art lessons were from my mother. She always supplied me with a variety of materials and patient lessons starting at a very early age. The exposure she gave me has stayed with me and led me to more comprehensive study of art. I am particularly dazzled by the works of the Old Masters. Their paintings have inspired my quest to create art that is representational but maintains a vitality and sense of energy through expressive brushwork and color.

Over the years I have had the good fortune to have studied under many exceptional artists. I've had wonderful workshops from Daniel Gerhartz, Laura Robb, C.W. Mundy and many others throughout my career as a painter.

I enjoy being around the diverse viewpoints of so many artist friends. In Addition to the Brown County Artist Association, I am an active member of Southeastern Indiana Art Guild, Hoosier Salon, Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Madison Art Club, Cincinnati Woman’s Art Club and Oil Painters of America and enjoy being a part of their many beautiful shows.

As an artist, I strive to create work that truthfully expresses how I see the world. My preferred medium is oils. I love the way that I can use the density, luminosity and thickness of this medium to give life to the way light plays on the diverse colors and textures that surround us. I am happiest when I am painting. I hope I share with the viewer my passion for the subjects that compel me to paint. Art is its own language and there is so much to be said.

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