Diane Overmyer’s oil and pastel paintings are held in hundreds of collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia. She began seriously following her passion for art by returning to college to study in the Fine Art Department at Indiana University in 2001. Immediately following college, she opened and ran a lovely art gallery called Sycamore Fine Arts in Goshen, Indiana. While she loved working with the many artists, she represented, she realized the gallery was taking away too much time from her own art career. So, in 2011 she began painting, along with teaching art workshops/classes, full time. Over the years she cut back on the teaching and now devotes as much time as possible to her painting!

Diane’s work reflects her love of nature, animals, people and gardens! She enjoys incorporating elements into her paintings that help people escape the stress of everyday life. She loves to create still life paintings using old toys and elements from nature to make a statement as well. She found she loved plein air painting (painting outdoors) when she was introduced to Indiana Plein Air Painters in 2004. The past several years Diane has also produced a number of larger landscapes based on her sketches or photos taken near her home in Northern Indiana or from traveling with her husband Tim. She is extremely thankful for him, their three children and their children’s spouses. Currently they have one granddaughter who was born in 2018. More grandchildren are on the way and she and her husband couldn’t be more excited!

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