Jennifer Fox’s pallet of artistic expression invites you to come closer to experience nature and be moved by the gift creation offers through her unique artwork. Her vibrantly colored paintings bring soul to the features of wildlife that are often missed by casual observers. Jennifer conveys the purity of what nature has presented using watercolor, acrylic and oil paint in an imaginative approach, extending her vision to those who pause to appreciate life.

Born in Washington DC, she has moved frequently throughout her life and currently resides in the wooded countryside just outside of Indianapolis, IN. Continually inspired by her environment and passion for wildlife, her photography degree serves her when gathering resources to work from. Her continued education gained her an Art Education degree, affording her the experience of many artistic mediums to choose from when portraying her art.

Jennifer is a Hoosier Salon Artist - a statewide nonprofit artist-service organization whose mission is to create an appreciation of visual art by promoting Indiana artists and their work.

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