Justin is a realist painter from Indiana. He enjoys painting figurative, landscapes, and still lifes. He began drawing at a very young age, showing a strong passion for art early on. In High school he started using oils and Acrylics. later painting In Merry Philips studio, a local artist and friend of the family. After graduating high school, he studied at the Art Institute of Indianapolis where he learned figure drawing and illustration. Through books, and museums, Justin discovered some of his favorite and most influential painters Including Vincent Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, and Edward Hopper, to name a few. He's studied under Chris Thomas, Jacob Dobson, and Austin Pittman.

Realism is the style Justin aims for, and at times Impressionistic elements are prominent in his work. Choosing subject matter is that of interesting and inspiring elements. "My objective to painting is to create something that people can connect with, and inspire." Something that's catching, and story telling. He says, "It gives me purpose knowing I can create an emotional component for the audience."

A side from painting, Justin is also a musician, photographer, and loves to travel.

Honors and awards

2020 (Best of Show) Hoosier Salon Good Ole SummerTime- New Harmony Indiana

2022 (2nd place) Hoosier Salon Good Ole SummerTime- New Harmony Indiana

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Expressions In Harmony- New Harmony Indiana

2020 Heritage Arts- Nashville Indiana

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