Maggie has had a life-long love of art. As a child she loved to draw and spent much of her free time sketching whatever caught her eye. Her mother always commented that "Margaret could draw before she could walk."

As a young girl, she went to the house of a neighbor who was an artist and learned the skill of oil painting while sitting on the front porch. But since oil paint and canvas were expensive, Maggie had to restrict herself to pencil sketches and charcoal or colored chalk during those early years. As a result, she excels at draftsmanship and realism in her art. Maggie describes her fascination with watercolor by explaining that "it is the closest thing to painting with God that I have experienced because there are times when I apply the brush and pigment to paper and something mystical happens and I know that I did not do it; God did."

She also enjoys working with oil when painting en plein air and doing still life ala prima. Maggie's art captures reality in its fine detail and includes the earthy beauty of the world as she sees it. Her work ranges from realistic to impressionist depending on the way in which she wishes the painting to interact with the viewer.

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