My canvas is a story or conversation that takes place between me the artist, the subject and the canvas. Each journey is a new challenge and sometimes the process, the learning that comes from failures along the way, is more important than the end product. Technical proficiency is an ongoing process as is the work to develop one’s own style. Studying with artists whose work I admire and learning from history is important and enjoyable me, but ultimately, I have to believe in my own vision to be authentic. I strive to create a strong dynamic of light and shadow in my work and a place where the viewer might find reason to reflect and enter into the conversation.

Painting is a solitary journey for me, demanding hard work and reflection and giving great satisfaction. If occasionally someone else comes along for the ride, that just adds to the joy.

Working primarily in oils, Maxwell is both a plein air and a studio painter. Studies and workshops with Antonius Raemaker, Ron Mack, Ned Mueller, Debra Huse, Douglas David among others serve to update her skills and challenge her focus. Maxwell is well known for her light filled landscapes and can be seen frequently out in the fields and woods of central Indiana painting on site. Fine line pen and ink drawings are also part of her ongoing work.

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