Ronald P. Mack doesn’t recall ever deciding to become an artist, but somewhere along the way he certainly did. A love of art was nurtured early when his father took the seven-year-old Mack and his brother to John Herron Art Institute (Indianapolis, IN) on Saturday mornings for art instruction. Throughout his thirty-eight years working as Design Coordinator in Engineering for Eli Lilly & Company, creativity and ingenuity were not foreign to Mack, nor was his desire to create fine art. In 1978, in the midst of his professional career, Mack attended a two-week plein-air workshop in Connecticut where he studied under Foster Caddell, a New England artist. The experience is still a great source of inspiration for Mack.

Mack’s work is characterized by his careful use of light and color. Special attention to the edges and extremities of objects creates great depth within his landscapes, leading the viewer’s eye throughout the painting. Careful study and uncompromising discipline serve as a solid foundation for his success.

Many years after the Painting Indiana Project, which Mack was proud to be a part of, he continues to find new and interesting subjects to study. His paintings have gained notice in the Midwest winning many awards, including, Best of Show awards at Irvington, IN, the Indiana Artists Club Membership Show, and the Indiana State Fair. Mack has also won the award for Outstanding Oil painting and Still Life at the Hoosier Salon.

“To me, plein air is the best way to paint. You can see more. You can walk around your subject to check different angles. You can feel the air and atmosphere and allow that to come across in your painting. You also have to put up with challenging light, wind, heat, cold and bugs. You just can’t get any of that from a photograph.”

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