Stephen Edwards is a lifelong native Hoosier who is a master of the art of watercolor painting. Though he is equally skilled in other mediums, his concentration has been on elevating watercolors to new levels. He enjoys painting a variety of subjects that display the magic of values, as well as using color for mood and emotion. There is always an abstract design that plays into the construction of his work. This gives his paintings an appeal to both representational and abstract collectors. Though he values composition highly in the design of his paintings; he is also not afraid to modify an idea to create an emotional impact.

Stephen is a member of several art organizations which include the American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society nationally. Regionally he is a signature member of the Indiana Hoosier Salon, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Watercolor Society of Indiana (Founding Member), Illinois Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, and the Bloomington Watercolor Society. Also, he is a member of the Indiana Artist Club, Brown County Artist Association, Indiana Heritage Arts, and the Art Association of Madison County. He was elected as member of the Mondial Art Academia of France where he was elected to the title of Knight Academician after receiving the Silver Medal of Honor for Aquamedia in the groups 2020 International Exhibit held in France.

He has won numerous awards in many national and regional exhibits, most recently in the National Watercolor Society, the Hoosier Salon, the Indiana Artists Club, and the Philadelphia Watercolor Society. His work is highly desirable and included in many private and corporate collections across the United States and globally.

Artists Statement: “My inspiration to paint starts with the selection of the subject. The main consideration when picking any subject, is there an emotional connection with me? Then, am I able to convey that emotion to the viewer? I think about each painting not so much as what I have done, but what does it delivers to the viewer. Art should have that kind of impact for its observers. Emotion is what makes the difference between exciting or bland. It is the aspect of a painting that an artist can share.”

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