My goal is to create artwork that others can connect with on a personal level through my use of color and composition.

Studied art for 3 years with the late Flora Burke, Indpls. IN.
Studied art at Indiana University for 2 years.
Studied art with Patricia Rhoden Bartels.
Attended workshops by John Michael Carter and Donna Shortt.

Vocation: Wife, mother, illustrator, artist.

Shows and awards:
Hoosier Art Salon,Exhibit 1998.
I.H.A. Exhibit, merit award 1998.
I.H.A. Silver Anniversary Exhibit, Award of Excellence 2003.
I.H.A. Exhibit, Award of Excellence 2005.
I.H.A. Exhibit, 2018.
I.H.A Exhibit, Memorial Award, 2019.
Hoosier Art Salon 97th Annual Exhibition, 4th Place, 2021.

Published works:
Sunrise Publications: greeting cards, gift bags, 3 dimensional art.
Brilliant Star Magazine: cover art and inside illustrations.
Special Ideas: posters.

My artwork is currently exhibited at the Brown County Art Gallery and at my home near Nashville, Indiana (by appointment only).

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